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2011 Stemme S6T



2011 Stemme S6T

For Sale or TRADE!!!
2011 Stemme S6T Fixed Gear
101TT Airframe and Engine.
Are you looking for something different?
Do you like efficiency?
Wanna fly really high?
Have a medical issue and still want to fly?
This is an amazing US based Stemme S6T turbo!
Let me start with just the options that this aircraft has:
1. Heater, yes heater. Not all Stemme's have a heater.
2. GDL-39 ADS-B in. No Flarm.
3. Long Range Fuel. 17.2 Gallons per side.
4. Garmin 796 versus the 696 it was shipped with.
So lets talk about different. How different? Lets start with the turbo 914 engine is behind you.
Because the engine is behind you, its quiet. Very quiet.
This aircraft is high performance on low fuel burn. How low?
How does 7.0 to 3.4 GPH of MOGAS sound to fly at 97kts?
On engine power alone, it can fly for 6.2 hours and almost 605 miles.
Don't like that fuel burn? It has a full feathering MT prop and glide.
Glides at 32:1 ratio. You won't have to worry about running out of battery because of the solar panel behind the canopy. Now your bladder is the biggest limitation.
How does flying at 39500 feet sound to you?
Now the Stemme is big. 60 feet wingspan big. But it does come with the wing folding kit, so you can store it in a regular T-hangar.
No Medical Needed!!!
So now the bad news. There is some damage history. All is logged and approved. Rudder had some hangar rash and there was a hard landing by a delivery pilot. But the aircraft has flown almost 100 hours since then. Also No ADS-B out. But one could be procured if needed.
So Trades. The seller listing it for a friend that needs flight school aircraft. So he needs 2 172s or similar aircraft.


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Erwinna, PA, USA
Alex Doerst

Date of Update

Date of Update
August 31, 2022


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